When you think of your home what comes to mind?  Do you taste, smell, hear, feel, and see, people, experiences, and yummy food memories that you cherish?  I sure do and they are lifelines to what we will-become and are.  Generally, our roots are planted deeply in the kitchen, the heart of our homes.

For 40+ years I’ve had a passion for cooking.  As a young girl, my Mom taught me how to make homemade pizza.  Soon I was preparing it for my siblings every Friday night while my parents enjoyed date night.  I found myself dreaming of toppings, and how I would combine them, creating my designer pie of the week! I became my family’s one and only pizza chef and got rave reviews after generating goodness in our “Cheery Kitchen.”

Through the years, I have come to appreciate international cuisine as well as all-American cooking.  My Mother, Grandmothers and yes, Great-Grandmothers, ( I knew all but one), were accomplished cooks who shared their style, optimism, and love with me.  Like them, I enjoy entertaining and my home is my happy place.

Faith, family, food, and festivities are everything to me.  I was raised in sunny Southern California and have spent my adulthood in Idaho, both sides of our great state.  I’m married to an amazing man, and together we have 5 children, who gave us five more, and now we have 22 grandchildren.  So there’s always a reason to celebrate around here.

West Family

The West Family, July 2015, Swan Valley Idaho Family Reunion.


They say the kitchen is the heart of the home.  I agree, but for me it goes beyond that.  The kitchen is where memories are made, relationships are formed and service is at its fullest.  It’s the place where I burned my first batch of caramels, where I watched my grandma season her pot roast and where my kids and I make cookies together.  It has become not just a room in a house but rather a place to gather and celebrate together while forming lifelong connections.

Like Renée, my family is everything to me.  Family gatherings are what I live for especially when we all are together after being separated.  I look forward and plan those days like I plan Christmas!  Lucky for me, my family and friends are always up for a party!

My husband and I are living our dream in Meridian, Idaho with our three not-so-little kids–my daughter is now officially taller than I am!  I love spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking but mostly talking with whoever is in there with me.  I sincerely believe that the best relationships are formed over food–eating or cooking!

July 4 2015 family picture

The Grant Family, July 2015

Together, we’ll be sharing parties with panache, fresh flavors, recipes, and tips, seasonal holiday and home decor ideas, beloved books, gifts and gadgets and ways to relax and play with your food!  We hope you never feel like you are leaving our kitchen empty handed.  Your suggestions and requests are always welcome, just know, we adore hearing from you.

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