Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias

Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias

Giving thanks for all we have is sweet!

Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias |

Coming together with grateful hearts, gathering round the table together is the best.  Here’s a little favor, Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias, for your loved ones that will add oddles to your table.

Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias

I have been making Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias since the 1970’s and have no idea of how I came up with it.  I love it because it only takes a few minutes to make without breaking the bank.
A cornucopia is a traditional symbol of plenty consisting of a goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn, and in this case,  a sugar cone and candy!

All you need is some sugar (ice cream) cones, (I use Keebler brand, 12 pack), and a steaming insert or basket that goes inside a larger pot.  Add some water to the pot and bring it to a boil.  Add the steamer insert and add one cone at a time.  Let the steam soften the cone until you can turn up the end.  Pinch the end and hold it until it hardens up again.  You also need to make sure that you keep the opening round and get the bottom flat so it will sit right.  You are doing these three things all at the same time!  It’s a tad tricky, but you can do it.

Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias |

You can shape your sugar cones ahead and just keep them in a cardboard box, not an airtight food keeper type.  That will soften the cones up and they will be ruined.

I like to mix up candy corn, candied almonds, M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, Boston Baked Beans, and peanuts.  I added Hershey’s Kisses, but decided they were a little too big.  A paper doily is the perfect thing to place them on.  It will protect your tablecloth or wood table.

Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias |

To place them, fill the cornucopias with candy, holding them upright.  Gently set them on the doily and the candy will spill out.  You can add a little more candy mix if you’d like.  Top the pile of plenty with a little candy pumpkin and you’re all done!

Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias |

May your feast be memorable.  I’m so grateful for all of THOSE that will surround my table along with many that can’t join us.  Family and friends are much more important than WHAT’s on the table, but I hope Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias will add to your celebration of thanks, love, and life.

Happy Thanksgiving all,

Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopias

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  1. Diane Hodrick

    What a cute idea….love your table!

  2. Julie

    How cute are these!!! Love this idea. You are so creative! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hugs from Nebraska!!!

  3. Christine

    Your little cornucopias are adorable! What a great idea!!!

  4. Monet

    Hi Renee. These are just beautiful! I know everyone would love to see one of their plate. Thank you for sharing!


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