Magnificent Meat Rub

Magnificent Meat Rub
Happy Summer!  I’ve got a Marvelous Meat Rub, to share with you.   I hope you’ll like love as much as we do.  We use it all the time and it’s awesome!
We have had some great parties this summer…with a few more to go…whooo whooo!
Family, friends, lots of sun, water volleyball, and good fixings from the grill!
We have had some great parties this summer…with a few more to go…whooo whooo! Meet the A-team. They were able to spike the ball and won round after round of volleyball.
This precious little prince had his own water party in his floaties!
My guy anticipating the ball! He’s always a star player…
but never more than when he fires up his grill! Rib-eye steaks and grilled corn…amazing!
The kiddies always want hamburgers and these were delicious…
with fresh avocado, lots of fresh tomatoes and lettuce on onion buns.
Watermelon is just so pretty, delicious and juicy! We serve it with a variety of salads…
Last week we had a western themed barbecue with wonderful friends and neighbors. A friend helped at the grill. He likes to sprinkle on a rub. His rib-eyes were just amazing. He shared his secret recipe with me….
We were entertained by a terrific blue grass band, visiting and having a great time together….
until thunder clouds gathered, the wind started to howl, and everything was blowing off of the tables. All pitched in to gather everything, the quickest clean-up ever! Some stayed and enjoyed the band…but we laughed about always running a risk, yes our party ended with a bang!   It’s crazy to plan a party outside in Idaho, but it sure was memorable.

Magnificent Meat Rub

 Here’s all you need, really!
Combine 1 cup of kosher salt, 1/4 cup of white pepper and 1/4 cup of Lawry’s Garlic Salt.
What could be easier?

Add it to a cute jar, add a label, and Ho! Ho! Ho!, I’m thinkin’ a bow for a fabulously inexpensive, fast and easy Christmas Neighbor Gift….yes, it’s that good and that cheap.

Magnificent Meat Rub

Sprinkle it on your meat before grilling and rub it in. Slap it on the grill and….
you will have the most delicious, well seasoned steaks…no steak sauce needed!
Happy summer parties and grilling all!

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Renée is passionate about making and sharing ALL things delicious! Her happy place really is her kitchen where she loves whipping up memories with her family and friends. Raised in sunny Southern California she's spent her adulthood in Idaho, both sides of her great state. She's married to an amazing man, and together they have 5 children, who gave them five more, and now they have 28 grandchildren. So there’s always a reason to cook and celebrate around their place!


  1. Kristen

    What a wonderful family get together (until the storm, of course!). Those steaks look delicious, along with all of the great fixings!

  2. The Sewing Loft

    What a fun time! Family, friends, good food and good music. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Val

    What a wonderful post!

  4. Debbie

    It all sounds completely fabulous to me. The best part about it, without a doubt, is that you spent it with family and close friends. There is nothing to compare with fellowship with the ones we love, is there?

    I’ll pass along the rub to the family griller!

    And though it looks spooky, isn’t that stormy sky breathtaking?

  5. Julie

    Another great group of family photos. I love your photography. The BBQ looks delicious. We have those storms here in Nebraska, too. Especially this time of year when it’s so hot. Pop up storms, we call them.

  6. Shirley

    Wow, that looked like a wonderful BBQ!! You had my mouth watering there!. Thanks for stopping by. I just may get the short cut. . . I’m about done with fussing with my hair in this heat!!!


    Gnee! Am I the only one that can’t email you? Your emails keep coming back to me. For a couple weeks at least now. Like when you comment on my blog. I reply. But they won’t go through?

  8. Paula

    This would make a fabulous gift. Thanks for sharing your recipe! We love bluegrass in this house. My husband plays both banjo and guitar.


    The food all looked amazing and so do your photos! Mouthwatering.

    As for my sock monkeys, you could definitely whip up 15 and the clothes were American Girl doll (18″ doll) but ran a little big on the monkey.

    thanks for stopping over!


  10. Diane

    Sounds like you had a great get together inspite of the rain.

    Thanks for the meat rub recipe. Can’t wait to try it.

  11. Terrell

    This looks wonderful!! So going to have to give it a try! 😀 Be sure to link up to Frou Frou Decor on Friday! Have a terrific day my friend!
    ~Terrell @ FFD~

  12. Jerri

    There’s nothing like a cookout in the summer time! And good music too? Sounds like it was a wonderful day!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

    • Renée

      You’re welcome Mirriam, hope you love it too!


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